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Feb 18, 2014
dome raising

Blue Sky Days for Chicago Domes

Chicago averages eighty-four blue-sky-days per year and last month experienced the 3rd snowiest January since 1884. With that kind of weather, savvy contractors look to maximize the construction season and accomplish as much as they can, when they can. Read Full e-Newsletter

Jan 22, 2014
Uncle Julio's Entrance

Spicy Work at Uncle Julio’s

If variety is the spice of life, the newly opened Uncle Julio’s Mexican Cantina in Austin, Texas, is a spicy project. The close attention paid to achieving specific details of the design intent during framing and finishing gives an authentic south-of-the-border look and feel to the restaurant. Read Full e-Newsletter

Jan 1, 2014

Silver Award Winner – Interior Finishes, South Region
Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex Theater
Kennedy Space Center, Florida
Architects: PGAV Destinations

Nov 27, 2013

Thanksgiving is a time for gratitude, and at Radius Track, we are most grateful for the continued creativity of our clients. Thanks to your talent and ingenuity, we’ve enjoyed some of the most rewarding work in our company’s history this year.

Thank you for your business. From all of us, a joyous and happy Thanksgiving. 
Sincerely, Radius Track

See Full Thanksgiving Message

Nov 5, 2013
Hampton Inn Ceiling Detail

Ceiling the Deal in Chattanooga, Tennessee

Thanks to Radius Track’s Curved Right™ pre-curved CFS material, contractor J&J Drywall Inc. was able to erect the “oval within an oval” design (see above image of ceiling detail from Hampton Inn & Suites) on-site and streamline the installation process. Read Full e-Newsletter

Oct 9, 2013
Unitized Arch Panels Create Drama at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex’s New Theater

Unitized Arch Panels Create Drama at Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex’s New Theater

When the world renowned Atlantis Space Orbiter was settled into its new Earth-bound home at the Kennedy Space Center, Radius Track was ready. Read Full e-Newsletter

Sep 12, 2013
Kennedy Space Center Space Shuttle Atlantis Attraction

Detailing Curves for the Space Shuttle Atlantis Experience

People love to throw us curves. So we weren’t surprised when the architects at PGAV Destinations asked us to build four giant, twisting, unique arches that serve as overhead, multi-media surface screens for a 3-D movie about the space shuttle Atlantis. Whew! Just another day at Radius Track... Read Full e-Newsletter

Aug 15, 2013
George W. Bush Library and Museum Interior Exhibit Curved Framing

Follow the Curves at the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum

Radius Track Corporation was called on to fabricate pre-curved track and stud framing members for the highly lauded exhibits area. According to LASCO’s Richard Osterloh, the framing and drywall contractor on the project, “Radius Track was a bright spot on this very complex job. We needed precise geometry for the curving exhibit walls and they delivered the curved track on time, with a color coded organized system that made it one of the easiest parts of the project.”

Aug 7, 2013
Ryan Rademacher

Minneapolis-based Radius Track Corporation, the premier expert and provider of curved cold-formed steel framing solutions, is proud to announce and welcome Ryan Rademacher as the company’s Design Director.

Jul 18, 2013
Interior painitng of St George

Architectural Ceilings Become the Artist’s Canvas

St. George Orthodox Christian Church is a symphony of curves, arches, domes, barrel vaults and free flowing spaces. One is hard pressed to find a right angle anywhere. To ensure each curve was executed perfectly, Radius Track Corporation was charged with providing all the Curved-Right™ cold-formed steel tracks and studs for the Byzantine dome and all of the curved ceiling details.