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Aug 28, 2014
Anderson Collection

Thar She Blows! A Ceiling to Remember

To deliver the complex ceiling design at the Anderson Collection building, which has earned the nickname of Whale Belly for its unique perimeter and volumetric shape, J&J Acoustics hired Radius Track Corporation, the curved framing experts... Read Full e-Newsletter

Aug 19, 2014
Space Shuttle Atlantis Attraction drawing

PGAV’s Project Architect for NASA’s new Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex shares early design concepts and decision making in a webinar, From Concept to Reality: How to Use BIM to its Full Potential... Read Full e-Newsletter and Click Here to View Webinar hosted by Walls & Ceilings.

Jul 31, 2014

Ceiling Waves Curved Right – Southwest Airlines waves hello to trainees at the new Training and Operational Support Center where cresting and falling acoustic ceilings float overhead. Radius Track's Curved-Right™ Pre-Curved Framing delivered precisely curved framing, in the time frame allocated by the schedule and contributed to an overall ceiling assembly price that was less than other brand named commercial ceiling system kits...

Jul 7, 2014
Kauffman Performing Arts Center

"Shapes and Sounds: Designing concert halls with curves" by Chuck Mears, FAIA. The Construction Specifier. July 2014: pages 10 - 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 - 22. Print

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Jun 18, 2014
National Center for Civil and Human Rights ceiling

Now you have the opportunity to earn Learning Units (LU) for FREE by chatting with Radius Track Corporation at CHICAIAGO. The new pilot EXPO Chat Program at AIA 2014 connects exhibitors and attendees via information and industry knowledge. Stop at booth #3640, in the Metal Pavilion, to chat with us and earn Learning Units... Read Full e-Newsletter

May 13, 2014

NEW PRODUCT: Hand Bendable Hat Channel an INTEX Hit!

Ready-Hat®, the newest addition to Radius Track Corporation’s Ready Products family of hand-bendable framing products, drew crowds at the INTEX 2014 EXPO this past April. Attendees greeted the newcomer enthusiastically speculating where it would save them the most time and money. Read Full e-Newsletter

Mar 27, 2014
Space Shuttle Atlantis Attraction Framing and 3D Model

Hearing from satisfied customers is music to our ears, so being included in an article entitled “Getting It Right the First Time,” written by the Project Architect at a global leader in planning and design, nearly sent us to the moon!

Mar 18, 2014

"Getting it Right the First Time" by Dave Myers. PGAV Destinations Blog. March 18, 2014. Web, 

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Mar 6, 2014

INTEX 2014 VIP Passes – On Us!

In less than 8 weeks the most influential walls and ceiling professionals in the USA will come together in Las Vegas, NV for the INTEX EXPO 2014. Stop by our booth, #310, to hear about our expanding product and service offerings, see our new graphics, recently completed projects and hear about the latest award winning project. Read Full e-Newsletter

Mar 3, 2014

"The Kennedy Space Station Theater: New Kennedy Space Station Theater gets a lift with arched interactive walls and ceiling" by Chuck Mears, FAIA. Walls and Ceilings Magazine. March 2014: pages 32–34

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