Why Fall Behind Schedule When You Don’t Have To?

MINNEAPOLIS (February 6, 2014) – Radius Track Corporation, experts in cold-formed steel (CFS) applications, has launched its Unitized Framing Solutions to reduce jobsite labor and deliver a cost-effective engineered framing solution designed to project specifications. In addition to saving jobsite labor, Radius Track’s Unitized Solutions can include just-in-time delivery, phased according to your project’s installation sequence that will help you overcome staging challenges common at tight construction sites.

Images: Unitized exterior panel installation above left and overall view above right,
Fulton Street Transit Center, NY, NY

Matt Zettwoch, Project Manager with Donaldson Interiors, Inc., experienced the benefits first hand when he lead the team for the core and shell work at Fulton Center in New York, NY. “Radius Track provided a panelized solution from sub-frame up to finished surface. The preassembled units saved us hundreds of man-hours over a stick built solution and made it easy for us to schedule labor and equipment to complete the conical shaped oculus that reaches sixty feet above the main structure.”

From an oculus suspended within a cone in New York, to a series of complex arches in Florida, Radius Track’s products and services make the construction of non-standard framing elements easy. At NASA’s Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex near Orlando, FL, PGAV Destinations designed four grand telescoping arches inside a trapezoidal building to create an experiential theater. Radius Track assisted the framing and drywall contractor in determining material take-offs and offered an indexed unitized solution with GPS coordinates. Once contracted, Radius Track developed the project’s unitized solution in virtual space using the company’s 3D modeling and BIM expertise to identify conflicts and propose resolutions prior to fabrication, and before they become job site delays or costly change orders. The fully engineered, preassembled units were delivered to the site ready to install. Every unitized panel was clearly marked and loaded on the truck in the order it was needed. Corresponding installation drawings and coordinates identified the sequence of assembly for quick and easy installation at the jobsite.

“What attracted us to Radius Track was the fact they could make us any form we wanted,” says Dave Myers, Project Architect at PGAV Destinations. “There were minute nuances in the curvature of each arch, which had to be perfect. There was really no other way to build it.”

Left Image: Unitized arch panels onsite during construction of Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, Atlantis Attraction, FL; Right Image: Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, Atlantis Attraction, FL (Image courtesy of PGAV Destinations)

From design through construction, architects and contractors alike see the value of Radius Track’s Unitized Solutions. “Radius Track’s panelized system helped us accomplish PGAV Destinations’ design intent perfectly for the Orbiter Theater project,” says Dan Whited, Project Manager at Wal-Mark Contracting Group, LLC. “While this was one of the most challenging jobs we’ve ever done, Radius Track made the field work simple and organized.”

Radius Track’s Unitized Framing Solutions are preassembled units fabricated in a controlled environment as panelized assemblies. Unitized Solutions by Radius Track offer a variety of unique benefits including:

  • Reduce job-site labor.
  • Complete pre-assembled panels from sub-frame up to finished surface.
  • Engineered to project specifications.
  • Modeled in 3D for clash detection and fit. Built in a controlled environment with no weather impacts.
  • Uniform quality constructed to project tolerances.
  • Jobsite delivery according to installation sequence. Total Station layout – GPS installation coordinates locating panel attachment points at the job-site upon request.

“Using this streamlined approach, architects and contractors alike are choosing the simplest proactive solution for their complex or curved framing project,” says Sheri Carter, AIA, and Marketing Manager at Radius Track. “Our Unitized Framing Solutions are all about simplifying curved or complex framing designs using BIM and 3D modeling in order to cross the finish line on or before the deadline.”

Visit radiustrack.com to request for a quote or send drawings. Or call 763-795-8885 to discuss a project by the phone.

About Radius Track Corporation
Radius Track Corporation is the premier expert and provider of curved cold-formed steel framing and unitized framing solutions. The company designs and engineers cost-saving solutions and fabricates the cold-formed steel framing for domes, curved ceilings and acoustical panels, curved façades and any other type of curved or complex surface. From simple to imaginative, structural or non-structural we have a solution. Our areas of expertise include: Design Assist & BIM/3D Modeling; Curved-Right® Custom Framing, Unitized Framing Solutions, and Flexible Framing & Job Site Tools with off-the-shelf hand-bendable products named Ready-Track®, Ready-Arch® and Ready-Angle® and Radius Track Bender® and Radius Trim Bender™ Tools for use in the field. RADIUS TRACK, founded in 1996, is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN. For additional information, visit www.radiustrack.com, email info@radiustrack.com or call 888-872-3487.

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