MINNEAPOLIS (August 1, 2014) – Radius Track Corporation, the leading producer of curved light-gage steel framing, introduced Ready-Hat® channels at the American Institute of Architects Convention in June 2014 after a successful contractor preview at INTEX in April. The new product’s hat-shaped profile adds to the firm’s line of hand-bendable framing members that already includes Ready-Track®, Ready-Arch®, and Ready-Angle®.

Ready Products simplify the framing of curved walls and ceilings including design features such as fascia, soffits, column covers, coves, arches, vaults and domes. Ready Products can be curved on site without special tools. Once curved, they keep their shape to simplify installation.

Their rapid acceptance has been driven by increased use of freeform shapes in architecture. Ready-Hat meets the growing need for curved furring that can improve sound, fire, and thermal resistance of walls and ceilings. The hat channel is compatible with drywall, plaster, EIFS, and many cladding systems. It can be installed over wood or metal framing and curved substrates such as concrete and masonry, or used for curved formwork and falsework. Instead of curving studs and joists, builders can now save money by using straight framing members and creating the desired curves with Ready-Hat channels.

At a new luxury hotel in California, Performance Contracting, Inc. (PCI) used Ready-Hat to frame serpentine walls where very tight radii expand into more relaxed curves, then turn in another direction with a new radius.  “I was skeptical at first, and surprised when I saw how well Ready-Hat worked,” said John Fuetsch, PCI Project Manager.  “Ready-Hat exceeded our expectations.”  PCI’s use of Ready-Hat to create curving light pockets at the top and bottom of the serpentine walls, achieved the design intent while saving labor. Great Western Building Materials supplied the Ready-Hat for the project.

New Ready-Hat from Radius Track simplifies the forming of curves in light gage steel-framed walls and ceilings. The hat-channel can be bent by hand without special tools, and can be used to form vaults, serpentine walls, coves, and other architectural features.

Ready-Hat is 7/8” high x 1-1/4” wide (hat) with an overall width of 2-1/2”. Its standard length is 10 feet and it has flexures at 4” centers that allow for curves as tight as a 12” radius. It is made from 20 gage (33mil), 50 ksi cold-formed, G60 galvanized steel. Ready Products are available everywhere through drywall and builder supply distributors.  View the Ready-Hat How to Video and visit www.radiustrack.com to find more Ready-Hat information.


About Radius Track Corporation
Radius Track Corporation is the premier provider of curved cold-formed steel framing and unitized framing solutions. The company designs and engineers cost-saving solutions and fabricates the cold-formed steel framing for domes, curved ceilings and acoustical panels, curved facades and other type of curved or complex surface. Our expertise includes design assistance, BIM/3D modeling; Curved-Right™ custom framing, unitized framing solutions, off-the-shelf hand-bendable Ready Products, and Radius Trim Bender® tools for use in the field. Radius Track was founded in 1996 and is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN. For additional information, visit www.radiustrack.com, email info@radiustrack.com or call 888-872-3487.

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