Radius Track, the leader in curved and complex framing solutions, 
announces design/engineering services to bridge the gap from complexity
to constructability.

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Minneapolis, MN
– Architects and Contractors now can be confident that the most complex designs can be accurately and cost-effectively constructed.

Radius Track provides project teams with 20 years of complex framing expertise on a vast array of interior surfaces and exterior envelopes. The company’s expert design team is comprised of architects and contractors – which brings both perspectives to every project and delivers cost-effective constructable solutions while honoring the design intent.

Radius Track offers three Design Assist service levels to deliver the right framing direction at any phase of a project.

Complimentary Design Assist is a free-of-charge collaboration that provides high level framing constructability direction.

Proof of Concept Design Assist develops framing rules and parameters for focus areas of a project.

Fully Engineered Solution Design Assist resolves complex framing conditions for a full project scope.

Realize Vision. Mitigate Risk.

Although Radius Track Design Assist can be engaged at any phase, project teams see the most benefit when the Radius Track Design Team is engaged at the earliest possible stage. The Design Assist process ensures complex designs are analyzed and validated prior to construction – thereby realizing vision and mitigating risk.

The Radius Track design team’s deep experience with curved and complex surfaces accelerates the engineering processes, while stewarding the design intention. Additionally, the

Design Assist process anticipates potential project-wide fabrication and construction issues before they place a project at risk.
Each Design Assist service level follows the same process: 1) Discover, 2) Design, 3) Deliver. And each service level leverages Radius Track precedent projects and applies the learning to the project at hand.

“We strive to provide exactly the right expertise exactly when and how the project team needs it,” said Ryan Rademacher, AIA, Vice President of Design for Radius Track Corporation. “Our team is passionate about setting a project on the right course so that the framing design supports the architect’s vision and delivers a cost-effective constructable solution. We are able to develop and deliver extremely complex geometry with standard commodity materials.”

Design Assist + Precision Fabrication

Beyond providing Design Assist services, Radius Track custom fabricates framing components to provide a complete framing solution. The fully analyzed and approved design is digitally transferred to in-house CNC equipment for precision fabrication. The custom curved framing components are delivered with concise installation instructions. Radius Track provides technical support and the jobsite coordination needed to ensure quality results.

“As we work with architects, general contractors and project teams, our goal is always the same – to help realize their vision and mitigate their risk,” said Bob Krebsbach, President of Radius Track Corporation. “Radius Track delivers on this goal using our proven process beginning with collaborative design all the way through direct digital fabrication. What’s more, we stay with you until the job is done.”

Architects, contractors and project teams who are seeking framing expertise at any stage of a project can visit www.radiustrack.com/design-assist or call 888.872.3487 to schedule a complimentary consultation.

About Radius Track

Radius Track is the subject matter expert in designing, engineering and fabricating framing solutions for curved and complex surfaces. The company provides fully engineered framing solutions compatible with the customer’s choice of cladding material for interior surfaces and exterior envelopes. Projects include domes, ceilings, walls, facades, roofs and any other type of curved surface…from simple to complex…structural or non-structural.

The Radius Track Design Team employs leading 3D virtual modeling technology to deliver cost effective constructable solutions that honor the design intent. The company is passionate about serving its customers well – understanding design intent, mitigating risk before construction begins, delivering clear instructions and, most importantly, staying with customers until the job is done. Radius Track pioneered curved framing technologies used in some of the most notable architectural projects of the past two decades. Radius Track was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN. For more information, visit www.radiustrack.com.

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