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Radius Track Dome Solutions include pre-shaped structural components ready for assembly.

Typical Components Include:

  • Compression ring – steel ring at dome top where the top end of each dome rib is fastened.

  • Ribs – structural elements radiating from the compression ring to the dome base or tension ring.

  • Angle clips – connect each dome ribs to the compression ring at the top, and tension or base ring at the bottom.

  • Tension ring or base ring – A ring at the dome base where the bottom end of each rib is fastened.

  • Rib cross-bracing – framing elements utilized to reinforce ribs if needed.

  • Pre-cut plywood sheathing (optional) – cut to precisely fit rib spacing for easy installation.

 Design Assist Service Levels

Above the Dome:

Cupola, finial, oculus, and other design elements at the top of the dome may require engineering coordination. Radius Track will accommodate specific mounting needs and skylight openings specified in construction documents.

 Design Assist + Precision Fabrication 

Below the Dome:

Domes may be affixed to different mounting surfaces. Typical mounting surfaces include:

  • Minimum 3 inches of 3000 psi concrete

  • Minimum 18-gauge steel decking

  • Continuous rolled beam or tube (recommended method)


Infill (Hybrid) Solutions:

Domes larger than 45’-0” in diameter may be construction using a combination of Radius Track light-gauge dome ribs as infill framing with heavier structural steel members. Hybrid domes provide several advantages.

Cold-formed steel domes: lightweight, cost-effective and constructable

  • Reduced handling time

  • Faster installation time

  • Requires less installation knowledge

  • Easy sheathing attachment


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