About Us



Radius Track Corporation collaborates with your team to design, engineer and fabricate sub-systems for curved and complex surfaces. We develop fully-engineered solutions that anticipate and resolve issues on roofs, walls, ceilings and façades.

Our expertise focuses on the elements between the structure and the skin. We design sub-framing to set the surface geometry and receive the customer’s choice of finish material. Our advanced 3D modeling and system integration assimilates trade partners’ constraints and as-built conditions. Each trade partner receives installation guidelines to ensure accurate, clash-free installation.

We collaborate with pre-construction teams to define the sub-system from the start. For issues identified post-award, we collaborate to review the reality of an existing design and develop a constructable solution to deliver the design intent.

Standard processes don’t apply when it comes to complex geometry. Radius Track bridges the gap from complexity to constructability, and develops value-driven, constructable solutions that honor the design intent.

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