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Jul 18, 2013
Interior painitng of St George

Architectural Ceilings Become the Artist’s Canvas

St. George Orthodox Christian Church is a symphony of curves, arches, domes, barrel vaults and free flowing spaces. One is hard pressed to find a right angle anywhere. To ensure each curve was executed perfectly, Radius Track Corporation was charged with providing all the Curved-Right™ cold-formed steel tracks and studs for the Byzantine dome and all of the curved ceiling details.

Jul 2, 2013
Resurrection Cemetery interior framing

The Circle of Life Celebrated with Architecture

The circle of life is celebrated in many ways at Garden of the Ascension at the Resurrection Cemetery, Clinton Township, Michigan’s new mausoleum...The original design called for steel supports, but the architects at The Tribute Companies, Inc., needed a more economical solution and found one with Radius Track Corporation. Dry wall contractor Diversified Construction Specialists (DCS) partnered with Radius Track to create the cold formed steel structure for the barrel vaults.

Jun 4, 2013
Port Canaveral Welcome Center unitized panels

Curved Unitized Panels Enclose Port Canaveral Welcome Center

Excitement builds as the new seven-story Welcome Center for Port Canaveral, the second-busiest cruise port in the USA, revs-up for its opening later this year.

May 22, 2013
Dome of St George Orthodox Church

St. George Orthodox Christian Church Raises Its Dome to Fanfare

“Domes are grand statements, and if you are going to do one, it should be astonishing,”says Engineer David Mouck, owner of the GillCompany. “Radius Track shipped 92 perfectly curved ribs attachable to a compressionring and all the precut plywood. All we had to do was tweak a few things and assemble it on the ground.”

May 1, 2013

"Curve-ology 101: New materials, techniques save time and money” by Chuck Mears, FAIA. Metal Construction News. May 2013. Print.

May 1, 2013
Cold-formed steel

"New Purposes for Cold-Formed Steel" by Chuck Mears, FAIA, The Construction Specifier, May 2013

Cold-formed steel is a lighter and more flexible replacement for structural steel, and a new way to frame apertures, create support for shaped façades, and achieve curved surfaces of any type.

Read the full article in The Construction Specifier's online edition

May 1, 2013
New World Center Theater

Curves for Acoustic Performance at New World Center

Apr 9, 2013

Port Canaveral Welcome Center Curves Skyward

Curves are found everywhere in Port Canaveral on Florida’s legendary Space Coast. “The geometry of the parabolic curve was extremely complex,” says Rick Kruger at Firestone MetalProducts/UNA-CLAD. “Radius Track did a marvelousjob in providing the exacting detail we needed to avoid clashes during construction." Firestone Metal Products/UNA-CLAD leveragedRadius Track’s 3D Modeling and Design Assistsolution to simplify a complex parabolic façadedesign, and resolve potential clashes prior toconstruction.

Apr 1, 2013
Edmonton International Airport

"Twist and Shout" by Chuck Mears, FAIA, Construction Canada Magazine, April 2013

Metal creates an iconic building at Edmonton International Airport; by Chuck Mears, FAIA, “Edmonton’s new international airport features a giant ribbon-like metal wrap twisting and turning around it. The story of how the metal was engineered is as compelling as the building itself.”

Read the full article in Construction Canada's online edition

Mar 26, 2013
Charleston ENT

SMHa Uses Curves to Add Magic at Charleston ENT

Tidewater Interiors, Inc. in Charleston, SouthCarolina, used Radius Track Corporation’s Curved-Right™ pre-curved track and box beam framing solutions to meet the architect’s design intent. We are pleased to have been selected by Tidewater Interiors, Inc. to help them deliver the spectacular results shown in the photos.