It's true, interior domes and other geometries of many sizes and shapes (including elliptical with truncated or skewed tops) can now be framed quickly and economically. Radius Track® makes it easy to frame many sizes and shapes of interior domes and other profiles with our complete interior structural or non-structural dome framing solutions. You'll find our framing solutions include precisely curved pieces that are accurate and easy to install.

Radius Track® is your "one-stop" provider for everything you'll need for the framing of domes, barrel vaults, groin vaults or other curved applications.

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Radius Track's exceptionally strong, lightweight and versatile geometric framing applications can easily be designed for any commercial, residential, religious, municipal or retail application.
• Delivered to the job site.
• Both structural and non-structural light-gauge steel.
• Quick and easy installation, with clean assembly instructions.
• Guaranteed accuracy.
• Many sizes and shapes – talk with our designers for matching your project's specific requirements.

Download Radius Track® Dome Information.
Download a Radius Track® Pre-Engineered Dome Product Sheet (PDF format)
Download the Dome Packet (PDF format) which provides detailed information such as Radius Track Dome structural properties, on site assembly, infill applications and dome planning and engineering.


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You just can’t find a more economical, accurate and timely solution to build any curved surface than with 
our cold form steel fabricating service.

Take the guesswork out of building domes.

Radius Track® domes cost up to 30% less than domes made with other construction methods and you'll find our dome solutions are easy to install.

Ready Products are convenient, simple and easy to use.

Ready Products take the hassle out of curved, light-gauge framing so you can spend more time on what you do best, while we do what we do best—saving you time and labor costs.